Underside Band Photo

Hailing from the burgeoning Asian metal scene, are Nepalese disruptors Underside.

Following the near decade long civil war, these Himalayan metal heavyweights came together in 2010 as a loud and aggressive response to the socio-political situation. The four-piece band are one of the biggest & best metal bands Nepal has ever seen. they have taken their riotous metal to venues across Europe and Australia and next year have plans to conquer The U.S.

Even though the metal scene in Nepal is in its infancy, Underside are unafraid to take risks; be it with their lyrics or the extremity of their music.

The rebellious attitude of all four men combined with exceptional guitar Shredding skills, and blood-curdling screams fused with an unmistakably Nepali sound Underside have carved out something extreme and wholly their own. Something that will be present in their next album.