the story so far

Silence is Nepal's first metal festival. Established in 2011 with the aim of making the country a destination for international bands. Not only is it the biggest event of the year for metal-heads, it helps to promote tourism in Kathmandu and beyond.

Over the last 5 years, Silence Festival has gone from a small group of bands playing in park to a Nepal's premier heavy music festival! To date, heavyweights such as Vader, Behemoth, and the legendary SikTh have taken to our main stage and delivered incredible performances to huge crowds.

Last year, we attracted the attention of Metal Hammer who covered the spectacle in a four-page special. The success of the article was so profound that Metal Hammer have committed to return again this year. In addition, Twin-V Production’s Alexander Milas (formerly of Team Rock) agreed to join us to produce a 20 minute documentary about Silence Festival. As you're here, why not have a quick look.

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